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The original song is an alternative rock song by Dunning Kruger called Japan Song.  I chose this song because it was completely outside of my usual music and I wanted to challenge myself.  I wanted to see if I was able to go outside of my comfort zone and create something that could possibly be asked of me in the future.  It started out a little intimidating at first, but in the end I was able to come up with a different version that I enjoyed listening to.

Version 1 was created using some objects from around the house.  First I used the sound of metal scraping together and put it in time with the guitars to give them another sound element.  I then added the sound of water from my faucet more as a background to fill in some of the spaces and add little distortion.  The more prominent sound is my blinds.  I used it in place of a shaker or tambourine.

Version 2 was created using rewire to connect Ableton Live to Logic Pro X.  For this one I wanted a completely different sound from the intended alternative rock.  I added some bass, drums and a shaker.  The intent was to give the song a more upbeat feel.  Also I wanted to give it a more hip hop feel.

Version 3 Has added live elements.  First I played some single notes and then I added a more dominant strum to place in the foreground of the song.  It still has the alternative rock feel, but the original groove of the song was changed.


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