The idea of making music has appealed to Deshawn since he was a child. Beat boxing was the first form of music that he learned, and it opened up multiple doors and interest into the music lifestyle.  By the tenth grade he owned his first DAW ( digital audio workstation) which was Music Generator by Funkmaster Flex.  Although able to create and mix music, he wasn’t able to import his own sounds, and that wasn’t enough for him.  Deshawn didn’t just want to make music, he wanted to make HIS music. 


    Deshawn currently has an associates degree in Audio Production because of his love of music and how it affects people, "With a simple melody and lyrics you can make people dance, smile, laugh or cry".  His overall goal is to have a bachelor’s degree in Audio Production and have Taken studio up and running in order to get Gods message to people who otherwise wouldn't hear it.


    He aspires to be the best Audio Producer he can be. His style is unique because he doesn't listen to just one genre of music. This increases the ability to create songs with more depth and imagination. Deshawn hopes to someday make songs that people will sing and remember for a lifetime.    He wants to be able to make songs that have some type of meaning, songs that people of all ages or backgrounds would feel comfortable listening to.   



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